Multithreading for dynamic components

Hi. i am working with sketchup so many years and following each new updated version. however we are at a step far from 2022 (i’m talking about year, not skp version) and i still dont see some really needed implementations into it. one of them is multithreading. i understand that the modeling and viewport does not work like that but guys… dear developers… why you cannot introduce multithreading in dynamic components calculations ?? you removed perpetual license and you are looking for ways to make more money. but for these money you have to give us some goodies. needed goodies. not kinda main app icon change or something like that. make dc calculation multithreaded please. i have 32 cores and stuck on one only with these calculations. c’mon!!!

No Cad programs are multi-threaded. IF it were possible there would be great joy in the field. It has not been figured out how to do it.