Multipolygon model extrude polygons for printing

i have a multipolygon 3D model in sketchup pro 2018.
i would like to print each polygon on paper in real size, so when i have all the polygons i can put them together and have my 3d model in reallife.
So i need a quick way to have each polygon in 2d in real dimensions…

how can i do this? example of model is:

Try with Unwrap and Flatten Faces

Also take a look at Pepakura.

You could try Jim’s Unfold plugin.
It offers control of the order in which you unfold the geometry.

jf_unfold_2018 prgsbar.rbz (4.2 KB)

Or try this…

Four options in less than an hour… this right here is why we have the best forum ever!