Multiply colour schemes in one drawing

Hi All
Is there a way I can give one drawing a number of colour schemes. I’m trying to look at a few different schemes for the exterior of a drawing I have completed. Other than saving with a new file name and recolouring I have no idea.
Anthony W

You can’t paint a Face with more than one color at a time. But, here’s one process that would work:

  • make sure all the affected geometry is in Groups or Components. For convenience in the following, create a new layer and assign it to these entities. Copy the geometry.
  • for each coloring combination, create a new scene and a new layer. Make all of these layers (including the one from the previous step) but the matching layer non-visible (make sure “visible layers” is checked in the Scenes Window) and then update the scene
  • switch to the first scene and do Edit->paste in place. In the entity info window, change the layer of the pasted copy to the one for that scene (until you do this the copy will not be visible because the copy will remain on the layer from the first step, which is not-visible).
  • repeat the previous for each other scene
  • go back scene-by-scene and color the objects as you wish

Now you can toggle or animate through the scenes and see the variations.

There is “Color By Layer”.

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Eek. That article seems way out of date. That “Related topics” section on the bottom was part of an experiment I tried a very long time ago. The Knowledge Center rewrite can’t come fast enough!

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you make re-colouring sound like a chore; I’m sure if you plan it right, you could simply change them with a few clicks -

  • First of all I would have all the possible textures used in the model named so that they are easy to find.
  • Each texture has to be painted on a face rather than a group for this to work
  • I would probably create a ‘scheme’ group for each scheme: just rectangles with the fills you want to use.
  • You can r-click on a texture and use the “Select > All with same material” (note - if you double click on a texture it will select the bounding lines - this won’t work if anything other than just the face is selected)
  • You can see the texture in the entity info window - click it and you can see all the textures in the model - scroll to the option you want to see and select to swap textures.

This is probably just a quick to flick through various options as any other option would be.