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For the many comments (especially from DaveR) that you don’t need multiple views, this is actually a very common feature in other CAD packages. Multi views allows for instantly editing your model from any perspective and seeing the result instantly from other views. More important, it allows for picking and moving across complex joinery without interrupting the design flow. If you’re making a living with your CAD software, this is a giant production boost. Those extra 3-4 clicks to switch between views, and probably stopping an edit command and restarting just to adjust a view, is a real productivity killer.
I’ve been using SketchUp on and off for about 3 years. Finally bit the bullet and got Pro to try to ween myself off AutoDesk products. $6,000 license with $1,200 annual subscription vs. $150/yr is hard to compare, but I cuss a little under my breath every time i have to switch views in the middle of an edit!

If you learn to navigate through the model space with the mouse wheel and the center mouse button you’ll find that working in the 3D space with a single view is actually quite easy. There are other devices like the ones from 3D Connexion that many users like for navigation, too. Watch some of Aaron’s live stream videos on the SketchUp YouTube channel to see how easily he navigates around the space.

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I get that and have done it. Really, if you’ve ever worked with multiple views simultaneously you’d see how powerful this is. If you work for SketchUp, please put this on the top of the developers’ “wish list”

Even just 2 views would be very much appreciated.

I have worked with multiple viewports. It drove me nuts because I always have to be looking all over the display instead of concentrating on what I’m working on.

Do you really have one of this?:

In my opinion, it is a real productivity booster.
Also, it doesn’t hurt if you have an Nvidia graphic card and at least twice as much RAM as in your forum profile. :wink:
(No, I am neither Sketchup nor 3d Connection employee…)


Click on the two scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

3 views.skp (35.5 KB)

When a designer was looking at a specific part of a drawing and wanted me to change something to see what it looks like, it would have been helpful for me to work on some geometry while he could be focused on the same place from the same view. Other than that, I haven’t had a need for this yet.

I kind of feel like this is one of those times where people use SketchUp because it is not like other software but then ask for things to be like the other software.

One of the things that sets SketchUp apart from the competition is the simple, intuitive navigation of 3D space. Multiple static viewports were a necessity when moving in 3D space was difficult or impossible. Now that we can experience space like we do in real life, why include a way to experience it like we used to have to?


When talking about multiple viewports many times people are trying to set up the familiar 4 views that are popular in tools that haven’t solved the problem of how to model while in perspective view. I think that Christopher’s use case is different though, and it would be handy to have a picture-in-picture feature, where in a floating area over the modeling scene you get to see a particular view of the model while you are modeling close up.

Jean’s two scenes idea is one way around that, but you don’t get to see both at the same time. Another variation of the idea would use an existing built in feature of SketchUp, where you can go to the previous or next camera view. Here’s an example where I want to doodle on Sumele’s watch, and see how it then looks from a distance:

I have my own use case for wanting two viewports. If I could make the left half of the window be a view from slightly to the left of the camera position, and the right half be from slightly to the right of the camera position, I would then be able to model in stereoscopic on a 3D TV.

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I’ll tell ya why: because it’s not about difficulty navigating 3D space, as said multiple times in this discussion it is because of the need to check the final shot/angle whilst making changes up close or from a different angle.

So it’s not “multiple static views” people want, it’s just multiple views. Ideally using the scene tab system so you can look at multiple custom angles.

We don’t want to work any differently in Sketchup than we usually do, we just would like to skip the extra steps of switching between scene tabs and undoing actions when it turns out it doesn’t look right in the desired angle. Simply a workflow improvement, nothing to do with “experiencing 3D space”.

I use a workaround for that now by just using a real time render window, but it’s not great as I can’t see the edge lines like in my regular viewport.

I kind of feel like asking for a workflow improvement is kind of like, normal?

Yeah I like the picture-in-picture idea too, it’s basically what I do as a workaround with the real time render window. And having it float is ideal because then you could drag it to another monitor.

It totally wouldn’t solve for your wish to model stereoscopic though. That would still require splitting the main viewport. I’m curious which would be more difficult to implement: an extra floating view or splitting the viewport?

On Mac I can get the split screen I need by having two copies of SketchUp open and tiling one window to the left and one to the right. Getting the cameras to sync is a challenge!

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Im thinking more about sketchup on one monitor and layout on a different monitor, being updated / streamed instanteneously.
That would be super powerful.

This sort-of happens with rendering…where there is almost seamless flow between sketchups model view and the rendered output.

With Layout we have to save and update and possibly render…its far from seamless.

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That is actually exactly how I work. With both Layout and Sketchup open, on separate monitors/screens, I always access the model through a Layout viewport via “Open With Sketchup,” do what I want to do on the Sketchup model, save it and go back to the same viewport in Layout. The changes in Sketchup are immediately updated in Layout. This workflow has made Layout useable for me.