Multiple Shaker Shutters - Dynamic Component


How to create the different sizes of shaker shutters varying in width and height. I can able to create a shutter with the specific profile and the rectangle using the follow me tool.
Is is possible to create it in the component. such that the profile will be constant.


Resizing in DCs is done by scaling. If you make a single component of the frame and resize that, it will scale the width of the frame and the profiles on the edge. Instead make the rails and stiles as separate components. Then if you change the width of the shutter, one of the stiles gets moved instead of scaled. Only the rails get scaled in length. If you change the height of the shutter, a rail gets moved and the stiles get scaled.

Thanks. Will Tryout…

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You’ll find a video showing something very similar here:

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@john_mcclenahan Thanks. Very informative. Similar to exactly what i am looking for.!

Glad you found it relevant. I thought it should be.