Multiple section cuts in one layout viewport

I’m modeling a residential project where the basement level is a split level affair and has retaining walls around 3 sides. I need a section cut (plan view) to mark up in layout but the elements that I need to document are separated enough vertically that I can’t use single section cut to cut through all of the elements I need represented.

Is there a way to combine two section cuts (stacked) into one Layout viewport?

Thanks for any help!


You could easily do this with stacked viewports or side by side viewports of two different scenes with different section cuts. I would put each viewpport on a different layer in LO so that you can lock one and leave the other available to work with if needed.

I don’t think I’ve tried that yet, Dave. So the viewports are “see through”, then. I’ll experiment around.

As always, Dave, thanks! I owe you dinner at Basecamp in September (hope you’re going!)


They can be if you turn off the background under the Style tab in the SketchUp Model utility window in LayOut. I think in this case you’ll have two viewports side by side, though.

I’ll take you up on that. I better be going. I’ll be working. :wink:

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FWIW, here’s a quick example. Maybe not the best looking one in the section views but the file was already open in SketchUp.

Section 1 is displayed in Scene 1, Section 2 in Scene 2. Do you like what I did with those section and scene names? Pretty creative, huh? :smiley:

Two viewports side by side in LayOut. The one on the left from Scene 1 and the one on the right from Scene 2.

Great example, Dave. And, yea, thats the way I name my sections and scenes too! Haha.

I’m too analytical to be creative…

by the way, this is what I spend my time doing…


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