Multiple Reinstalls, Won't Open after first file save (2019 subscription)

Or more like hangs in mid-launch - the menus half-load, lower half of screen remains blank.

Started with version 2017, but still occurred after I upgraded.

I’ve had no issues with that version of SketchUp until yesterday. The program opened fine, saved well, reopened, carried on with file, but then at some point yesterday, after saving as a different file and then reopening the first version, the program now stalls.

I fixed this morning with uninstall of 2017 and install of 2019 - until I tried to open yesterday’s file, and same pattern happened. Several uninstall/reinstalls later, I tested a different file and got the same results.
I should uninstall and reinstall and start a fresh file in 2019 and close and reopen said file and see if that happens.

My desktop is new less than a year, with a 6 gig card, also new.

Is it something triggered by opening old files from version 2017??

I’m working freelance and I don’t have time to lose my tools!


Opened fine from Fresh file.

Why would opening a file created in 2017 corrupt the software so totally??

sounds like a windoze auto upgrade kicked in…

many posts on the subject if you do a search…


You may be right… it remains a mystery. Was looking through whatever seemed to be similar issues but a bit of a needle in a haystack, never seeming quite the same issue…

Anyhow I seemed to have resolved for the moment by importing the v2017 files I had been working on into a fresh v2019 file.

Also opening by running as administrator.

Also tweaked my Nvidea card settings, although there were no specific error messages - reeks of videocard error or file corruption.

So far so good, with the above adjustments.

I had just installed THEA in the 2017 version - so maybe related??

Did you install by right clicking on the executable file and choose run as administrator? If not find the file right click on it choose run as administrator then choose the repair option.

I noted that suggestion came up for someone else’s issue, so on the last re-install I did right-click as admin - so far the issue is at bay.

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