Multiple print ranges


In many applications, you can choose ranges and single sheets to be printed in the printing dialog box. For example, if I make a change in sketchup that is only represented on a handful of sheets in Layout, there’s no reason for me to reprint the entire set. As it is now in Layout, unless every page I want to reprint is in one continuous range, I have to print multiple times.

I would like to be able to type in, for example: “1-7, 9, 14-20” and have those pages printed.

This ability would eliminate the need for me to export every Layout file to PDF in order to print ranges more easily.

It’s not a terribly difficult workaround, but it would save time to eliminate the export to PDF step every time.


isn’t this controlled by the operating system?

(or maybe only on mac it is? but on mac, the ability is there)

edit- nvrmnd…
i see that you’re saying multiple print ranges in one go… my bad