Multiple Page Printing - Registration Marks

Using Sketchup Make.
I have a model that prints over multiple pages - which is what I want.
What I would like to have/include are registration marks on each page such that the left edge of Page 2 can be properly aligned with the right edge of page 1.

Any ideas? Or some extension handles this?


I also have this exact problem/request. Can anyone help?

Keep in mind that SU is not intended to produce paper documents. Therefore, such amenities as registration marks on tiled pages, which are expressly intended for making paper documents, are not included.


There is a plugin called gk_Postscript_Plot which is designed to make it easier to print full size patterns from SketchUp and it adds registration marks for multipage printing. It requires Ghostscript and GSview.

I did this pattern for the post for a small table using this plugin.

Tea Table

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