Multiple launch configs

This is bugging the life out of me - and has been for years !

Is there any way to set up multiple user profiles or launch configurations so that SketchUp can start with different screen setups? Specifically, I want to be able to launch in a single screen setup (docked trays) for when I’m only using my laptop’s built-in screen, and launch a two-screen setup (undocked, floating trays) when connected to an external monitor.

Surely I can’t be the only person needing this, but I’m boggled by the complete lack of references to it. Not just the lack of solutions but even the lack of people asking for help with it !

I can think of a possible workaraound, but before I can try it out I need to know which specific system files control the launched layout of SU trays, toolbars, etc. - and finding even THAT information is problematic!

Any help would be gratefully accepted, either with a specific method for achieving multiple launch configs or with the name and location of the relevant system files.

I set up a second Windows user login on my computer to use when I am recording video tutorials. That allows me to have a different set of toolbars displayed as if on a separate computer or as a different user. This works well for me. Most of the time I want to use the same configuration with my customized toolbars but when I’m doing a video for new users, I can show the common toolbars and no extension toolbars instead.

Yeah, I’ve thought about that but it introduces too many problems with other software, cloud storage and the like. Basically, it means setting up everything twice, just because SU alone doesn’t natively support what should be a simple thing.

It’s easy enough to do for other programs - for example, editing the shortcut target with a command line switches like “/p Profile1” and “/p Profile2” - and it amazes me that SU still doesn’t provide that functionality, even in the Pro version.

Lots of us are “mobile” workers these days and have been for a long time. It’d be nice if the SU devs caught up with that.