Multiple Grouped Items Trimmed At Once?


I have a grid of 13’-0" vertical cylinders spaced 12" apart—each cylinder being it’s own group. I would like to subtract a series of sphere shapes from the vertical grid to create a hollow interior. Help please!


Can you share the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got?

GRID (3.4 MB)

If you’d make the rods as solid groups or components, you could trim them quite easily with the Solid Tools.

Here I’ve drawn one of the rods and then arrayed it in a component. Notice it shows as solid in Entity Info. I made it a component because I have a keyboard shortcut for that operation but you can use a group for this.

Make one for the rods running in each direction. I just copied and rotated my original component to make the other two.

Then run Trim from the Solid Tools to trim the rods with the shapes. You would need to trim each set of rods this way. If you spend more time making sure that all of the intersecting rods have no internal faces or edges, you could have a single solid component or group containing all of the rods and do the trim action in one step. It would probably take longer to make one large solid group or component from all of the rods than it would to trim in 3 steps with the model set up as I show it. There’s a lot of geometry to process so be patient.

By the way, I notice you aren’t using layers correctly. The right way to work with layers in SketchUp is to leave Layer 0 active at all times. Created all edges and faces on Layer 0 and leave them there. Make components or groups of the geometry and assign other layers only to the groups/components.