Multiple dimensions from common point

Is there an easy way to dimension multiple objects based on a single reference point?

For example, say I have 10 pillars and I want to see distance of each from a reference point. I realize that I can click the reference point and each pillar (20 clicks), but what I’m looking for is a way to click the reference point and then each pillar (11 clicks). It’s not just a matter of 9 more clicks, but all the mouse maneuvering to see the reference point, etc…

In Layout or SketchUp?

Topic starter is using SketchUp Free and posted in SketchUp Free section, so not Layout I guess…
Maybe an extension could do this, but that’s no solution for SketchUp Free either…

I didn’t spot that :grinning:

I don’t do any dimensioning in SketchUp, but I was wondering if there is an equivalent to this double click technique in Layout?


To answer your question, no, there isn’t an option like you describe.

What Kevin shows in LayOut isn’t quite what you are after. That feature has been requested for LayOut however it isn’t likely it’ll be added to the hobbyist version of SketchUp.

Thank you to all for your replies. My conclusion is that the answer is “no” – I accept that. Thanks again.

The mouse maneuvering to reference point could be worked around by creating a close up scene of that point. Disable scene transitions (or set ‘Transition Time’ low). A second scene could show the pilars overview. Toggle between scenes when creating the dimensions.

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Thank you

FWIW, if you do a little planning ahead you can create the dimensions as you want them without a great deal of work.


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@DaveR, this is really cool, but I neglected to mention that I meant dimensions taken on existing geometry.

It seems your method would only work on geometry having the same spacing, at least initially when you use the array function, although I understand you could move things around later. The things I model don’t generally have this kind of regularity.

I presumed that’s what you meant which is why I started out with, “if you do a little planning ahead…”

I only used an array to keep the GIF shorter so I make sure I could upload it here. I could have made copies at whatever spacing I wanted and used the exact same process with the dimensions. No need to make a regular array first and then move them again to get them where they are needed.

Here are the columns distributed randomly.

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It’s called ordinate dimensioning, and no, the feature is not (yet?) there in SketchUp or LayOut.

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