Multiple copies for Radio Rack Unit

I know this is probably trivial for the experts out there…
I want to make a dynamic component of a radio rack,
Attached file is the single unit.
Rack x Units of 1RU-19.skp (19.9 KB)

I want to either scale up the Z access only and divide the space with multiple copies of the rack unit or enter the number of rack units required and create the rack.

Insert an attribute called “copy” , this will expose a read only value which is 0 for the original and normally hidden. You can look in outliner at any copies, they are 1, 2, 3, …last=the_copies_value

So you use this identifier “copy” to address either individual or collections
so if you whish to create a stack. Then expose Z, and give a value of copy*centers, where centers is the distance between insertion points

then fix Lenz of bracket (4.5?), establish number calculation from lenZ of the parent

Now consider the alternative of working outside the scale of the parent with the child, a dropdown allows you to put formula in the values as well, so first is the calculation previously made, then forced numbers

From here on the file and reaction to comments as the snips will become confusing as formula is indirectly entered.

copy example 2.skp (25.9 KB)

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