Multiple arcs with fixed bulge

Does anyone know if there is a plugin that will draw multiple arcs with a fixed bulge no matter the span?
I am trying to make a decorative panel with flutes that vary in width but have a fixed depth. Basically lofting between to curves but the depth needs to be fixed.

I do not know of a suitable plugin, sorry, but unless you have a very large number of arcs to create it is possible to create them manually without a lot of effort. Create a guideline aligned with the base or tips of the arcs, and another parallel guideline that represents the desired bulge that all arcs will share. Then create arcs by clicking the two endpoints somewhere on the first guideline and stretch the bulge until it touches the second guideline. SketchUp’s inferencing on the guidelines will ensure that everything will line up exactly.

See this SU file for ideas.

Arcs with varying span and fixed bulge.skp (226.7 KB)

Thank you all for your responses. This is what I am trying to make. I drew Bezier curves on top of the photo and then tried lofting arcs between them but it does not maintain the depth of 1/4". The only other way I could see doing this was arcs with a fixed depth and then using Tig’s extrusion tools to skin them.
Each curve has 48 segments and there are 10 flutes total. That is a lot of arcs!