Multi-Factor Authentication is Preventing Login

HELP. I am being asked for a verification code. I have never activated MFA. I have repeatedly entered the code from Microsoft Authenticator. I always receive an “incorrect error code” response. Is their anyway to deactivate MFA so I can get logged in?

There is an authentication code when you first sign up, that isn’t to do with MFA, and would not use Microsoft Authenticator. The code would have come in an email or an SMS message. You could check this post I did to see if Outlook is hiding emails from you:

Your email looks like it is signed up ok, what happens if you sign in now?

Thanks for the response. I still get the same error message if I try to log in now. I followed the instructions on trying to find the trimble email, I also added the email address to safe senders list.

So still not able to get logged in.

I recently started using a new phone en reinstalled MS Authenticator en I also cannot log in in my Drimble account and therefore cannot start my Sketch-Up.
Only when I want to change my password, Drimble sends me a email with a code, but that cannot be used to change or add the Authenticator.
My reseller told me that the Drimble people could reset this part of my account.
Until then i cannot use Sketch Up! Please help!