Moving Viewports vs Groups in LayOut

Hey everyone! Does anybody here have an explanation for why, when I try moving objects in LayOut, I can move a viewport much more easily when inside a group than just the viewport itself?

See the screen capture below. The grouped viewport maintains close association with my mouse when moving. The viewport alone lags on moving.

I find this especially problematic when trying to place an object on a layout to align views – often, with the ungrouped viewport, when I unclick, the viewport will jump to a different location.

I can certainly group everything, but it is an extra step and extra clicks to fix a problem which I don’t fully understand why it exists in the first place. Just wondering if there are any settings I can modify to improve this performance.


Can you share the LO file with those examples?

Sent to you in a PM.

Got it. I see the same behavior with both of them. This is in LO2020.2 which had a change to the way the objects appear during moving. This was done to improve the speed at which things can be moved because now the graphics card doesn’t have to constantly redraw the object as it moves.

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I, too, am using LayOut 2020.2.

I wonder if it is something to do with my graphics card.

Here’s a higher frame rate recording of the two, side by side again:

Am I correct that you are just seeing that the grouped viewport moves more rapidly than the ungrouped? If that’s the case, I do see it, too. I suspect it has something to do with what is being moved initially before the redraw is done. I wonder if @adam has any feedback.

That is mostly correct. I would add that it impacts usability, especially with larger drawings. The lag seems to correspond with the file size, such that it almost feels unusable when trying to move a viewport on its own. I know most people have said they’ve noticed marked improvements with performance on LayOut since 2020.2, but my experience has been the opposite – specifically because of this issue.

Hi Chris,

My guess is that the lag has to do with inferencing performance issues with skp model viewports. Do a test for me real quick: disable object inferencing and see if moving the ungrouped skp model viewport is now smooth.

Please do another test as well. Remove the grouped skp model viewport entirely from the page and see if moving the ungrouped skp model viewport (with object inferencing enabled) performs better. It looks like the viewports themselves overlap each other in your example.


I turned off snapping to both objects and the grid (I assume this is what you meant?

No change.

@DaveR – thanks for your help on this!

@adam – any thoughts on this issue?

Yes, I have thoughts! Unfortunately there’s nothing that I can share at this time. Looks like this is a good workaround for moving viewports more quickly for now.