Moving SU + extensions to new hard drive?

Hi all,

Recently bought an SSD, and I’m in the process now of figuring out how to get everything “moved over”…

I searched but didn’t find any “definitive” procedure, and would like to avoid reinstalling if possible.

I have SU 2015 pro, SU 2017 Make, Twilight Render, Thea Render, and Maxwell.

Any guidance greatly appreciated!


There are applications that can move the contents of one drive to another. When I installed a SSD to replace the C drive on one of my computers, the documentation with the drive included a recommendation. It might have been a Windows utility supplied by Microsoft. It’s been a few years, though, and I don’t remember which. A search ought to turn up all sorts of options.

As for SketchUp, I would suggest that you install all of your extensions new instead of transferring them over. Make sure you’ve got the freshest versions.

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Ok, thanks.

These extensions all require an installer - I think. And such extensions really need to be reinstalled in order to ensure all files are included.

The cloning software I use most often is called Acronis True Image .

I’ve used the cloning tool a number of times. It’s fast and easy to setup to perform the task.

You can find any number of free cloning applications by doing a google search, but in all the ones I’ve tried, I found Acronis to be the most effective and reliable.

Good luck.


P.S. Acronis faithfully clones all files from one dive to the other, so any issues you might currently have with windows will be duplicated on the new drive

PCmover also does the same thing…

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