Moving Parts onto Other Parts

Hey all,

Heres the scenario: The top of this distillation tower has a dome on one of the models, and I am missing the dome on another model. Question: How do I copy the dome off the Air Liquide tower and place it perfectly onto the center of the Airgas tower?

Note: the highlighted area is where I want to place the dome that comes from the second image below.

If you dont want to rebuild the dome, here is one way of doing it


I first need to make the dome separate from the tower. How can I do this?

select the dome and make it a group or component.

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Okay, I think this is the last thing: How do i locate the center of this dome? There is no clearly defined center point. I need to move the dome by the center to line it up with the center of the tower correct?

You should also be using move/ duplicate–pressing Alt while you use the move tool–if you want to leave a copy of the dome where it is.

In my experience it’s easier to make a new dome. Is the first dome the same number of segments and the same exact size. I would move it by grabbing a vertex on the circumference and moving it to the corresponding vertex on top edge of the cylinder, But this looks like the dome has more segments than the cylinder top.

I got it! Thank you so much Chris, your the man!

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