Moving my Subcription to a new Laptop

I have got a new laptop - i can get my subscription on the new lap top, i have been using SketchUp since 2017 - never had an issue before - i am on a yearly subcription, i can log in on my onld lap top and use SkechUp no problem. . I have teh 2023 version on my new laptop(same as my old one). When i log out of “All thing skechUp” on my old lap top and then log in trimble account, it tells me that i have exceeded activation’s, so i sign out again, then log in to trimble etc - “you are now logged into all things SketchUp”, go to launch sketchUp and it still bring me back to “you have Exceeded your allowed activation’s”. if i go and do the same process on my old laptop i Can get into using my sketchUp pro no problems, same as always, also my Trimble account only shows that i have sketchUp free - I cant understand what the problem is, Please help - very frustrated

Let me know how you go. Yours was a very strange situation