Moving models from another file

how can i move models in another of my files to my new model file?

In what version of SketchUp? Complete your forum profile.

Without knowing what version, save the model and then import the .skp file into your new file.

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Not quite.

Click on the G in the gold circle at the upper right corner of the forum page. Click on the person icon and then the gear icon. Go through the various sections and fields. Add your SketchUp version and license type…

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Sorry. Still not quite. There is no 2022 Make.
Screenshot - 3_26_2023 , 4_57_01 PM

Assuming you at least have a desktop version, though, you can have two SketchUp versions open, select the object(s) you want to copy, use Edit>Copy and then go to the other session and use Edit>Paste.

it is sketchup pro v22.0.354 64 bit

So then the right choice would be SketchUp Pro, not Make. My directions for copying from one model file to another stands.

You can either do what Dave told you or drag the file into the sketchup window.