Moving model on layout page, notes not following

Created from SU a 2D floor plan on my Layout template.
Added notes, cotations , doors etc.
I now need to move the floor plan up on the page , to make room for an addition, when I do , the notes/cotation etc. don’t follow …

Select all of the notes and stuff along with the viewport and move it together. You could select all of it and create a group to make it easier to select later.


Wonderful, thank you !

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Weird , I tried it again today and only the notes and quotations get highlighted, therefor the floor plan is not following!
Also the quotations figures change …when I move them

Would you send me your LO file in a PM so I can see what you’ve got?

I get error message; File too big

You could upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Did you want to put it out in public? If not, you could edit the post and delete the link. I have it now.

How are you selecting the content to move? If you are using a left to right selection window you would need to make sure to include the entire viewport in the selection.

Alternatively, a right to left selection only needs to catch part of the viewport to get it selected.

I would expect the dimensions to change if they get moved but the model doesn’t. They would become disconnected from the model.

Back in business !!
thank you … I was indeed not including the entire viewpoint

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