Moving a geo-located scene's origin to user-defined GPS coordinates without losing the original scenery?

I have a large geo-located file with high quality terrain that I wish to place multiple items onto, so I need to keep the terrain data. I want to move the origin to a defined GPS coordinate that corresponds with a location of importance in the scene, and have everything else move/shift accordingly. Is this possible?

from the top of my head don’t have SU on me right now,

as far as I recall, going to the geolocation menu and removing the current location will erase the location snapshot / location terrain tags with the stuff on it.

but, if you were to unlock the terrain / photo and move it to another tag, then, removing the current location would not delete it.

and then, you could add a new location manually while keeping your older terrain / satellite data.

at least right now, without seeing your file or anything, and not opening SU, that’s what I would probably try.
move your terrain on a “safe” tag, erase current location, add location manually.

you could also copy sensible terrain and data to another file, do the location switch, then copy the terrain back. again, without looking at your file, i’m (late night) speculating here :slight_smile:

When you say Origin, do you mean the Axis? If so, you can change that by right-clicking and choosing ‘Place’ to a new location/orientation.

This is admittedly a bit of an XY problem situation ( As a part of my attempt to put a camera at specific and known GPS coordinates (which I’m still trying to solve here), in order to align with the location of a drone I took photos with, I sought to move the “origin” (the axes) to the drone’s location and then simply put the camera on the axes. I also just kind of wanted to move the axes out of the way as I don’t like where they ended up. Either way, I want to move the axes/origin to a known GPS coordinate, in a geo-located model, without deleting the existing data. I think that @ateliernab may have the right idea here, and I’ll get to testing it tomorrow for sure and will report back.

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