Moved items are on wrong plane

why are moved items in my model on a different plan

Because unlike a bicycle an icecream has no doors.

Please give us something understandable to answer.


when I move items in my model they are not in line with how they appear in the model. when I obit around them they are higher or lower than the location I moved them to.

That would indicate you aren’t paying attention to the axes and inferencing.

It is very hard to give you any help as we can’t see what you are doing.
As Dave suggests, you appear not to be understanding 3d space.

You can’t go by appearance alone because as you have noticed, the same geometry appears different from different viewpoints.

You must use inferencing, SU’s system of object snaps and dynamic guidelines to position objects in space. Get started reading about it here: Introducing Drawing Basics and Concepts

Understand, though, that inferencing is probably the single most important thing you can learn about constructing geometry in SU, so the more you read and watch videos about and practice using inferencing the better you will be at modeling with SU. So don’t scamp on the reading and practicing.