Move or Copy tool referred to base point in layout



How do I use copy or move tool referred to base point in layout?

I can use it in model but don’t know how to use it in layout.



Move/Copy is activated when you hold the Ctrl key with the Select tool.


Hi DaveR,

Yes…but how do I refer to, for an example, a point so i can paste it to the another point with the same distance?


I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. If you know the distance you can type it in after you start the move/copy. Or you can move the blue mark from the center to a corner and use it to do a precise move.


Hi DaveR,

So, basically the blue circle can be moved outside its geometry and used as a base point.

Thanks…that’s what i am looking for.


Yes. exactly. Note that the selection can include more than one entity and that point is also the center of rotation.