Move Command - Hold Copy

Yes, Dave, I have. It looks as if it would do what I want if I only selected one item but it has limitations. If I selected more than one, it only copies one of the items (randomly selected) at each click placement. Another limitation is that it has to be a component and presumably doesn’t work on loose geometry. I can see how useful the extension is for populating a site plan with trees as in the demo.

BUT…it is clear that some of the functionality I want is built in, such as the ability to place a copy on each click without further keyboard input. So it may be that @ChrisFullmer might be able to produce either a dedicated extension or an adaptation of his existing one.

It might also be that I have a SketchUp 'tunnel’view after abandoning the AC…

:rofl: Yes, given the frustrations I had using AC, I am a bit surprised to find myself championing anything about it. But I guess, just as great artists steal from other artists, there’s nothing wrong with pinching good ideas!

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I didn’t read the whole thread, so maybe someone already mentioned this, but you can:
select and item (or any number of items)
Then do Edit>Copy
Then Edit>Paste
and the item will be copied wherever you put the cursor.
You can continue with Edit>Paste as many times as you want.
You can also paste into another drawing that is open in another window.

It’d certainly be less work! I think it’s a great idea.