Move app identity methods to frozen Sketchup::Licensing

Continuing the discussion from Two potential weaknesses with the licensing/scrambling scheme:

Please add to the frozen Sketchup::Licensing module these functions so they cannot be overridden:

(1) module function
Sketchup::Licensing::is_Pro? alias Sketchup::Licensing::is_pro?
Change the former Sketchup module function to call the latter frozen one, deprecate use of the former.

(2) move code for instance method
to module function
Change the former instance method to call the latter frozen method, and deprecate the old model instance method (as it was always implemented in the wrong place.)

(3) Possibly the same treatment (as above for 1,) in regard to



don’t forget this previous example, please.

The Security is also about The Discpline and The Precision (developer’s or
user’s - it’s hard to break strong security code but imperfect utilization
provides new opportuinities)

The Security is also about money, of course (e.g. I guess that breaking
.rbs coding takes 5-7 days. There are countries, where price one work week
is cheaper than SketchUp licence fee).

But don’t panic. The Absolute Security is too expensive and cosmic level of
security “Destroy before reading” is impractical.