Move a surface without stretching connected surfaces

when drawing a table with one foot, when selecting only the foot and moving it, the connected objects are stretched.

How can I move the selected object without streching connected objects?


How about showing us what you’re doing by uploading at least a screen shot. Better, the SKP file. Most likely you need to be using components or groups.

You need to use Groups or better Components to separate edges and faces from other ones they touch. Otherwise SketchUp will interpret all touching edges and faces as tied together and will alter the rest to track when you move them.

I see you added a screen shot and as both @slbaumgartner and I wrote, you need to be using components.


Do I find this information in the help for sketchup free?

This is fundamental stuff for all versions of SketchUp, ever.

Look in the Help files and also look at the getting started videos at

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