Mouse issue?


Has anyone had an issue when their mouse track wheel tracker does not work sometimes when trying to bring an object closer? or intermittingly? I updated drivers for it and it says installed working fine?





Keep in mind that zoom behaves differently depending upon what’s under the cursor. It can appear to run very slowly if the cursor is over empty space. Move the cursor onto the part of the model you want to zoom in to and it will zoom faster.


again, Dave to the rescue!!! OMG!!! I am an idiot!!! :):slight_smile:

Thanks buddy!!! works much better!


What was it?


Well Dave, when i really focussed on when i was using the track wheel to zoom, i was always in white space to much or sporadically! I tried 3 diff mouses, updated drivers, banged the mouse on the pad a few times, then came here to the forum to ask you!!

Pretty funny when ya really think about it!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks again! you are always such a good help for us new guys!!!



That’s sometimes a good fix but you have to be holding your tongue just right. :smiley:

The other day my mouse started acting weird. It was sluggish in any application. I changed the batteries and that didn’t fix it. I was about to try banging it on the mouse pad when I looked at the LED on bottom. The recess it is in was full of dog hair. I blew it out and presto!

Happy I could help.


Thats hilarious!!!

Dave, do you have any videos on how to do a reeded leg? I have the leg sort of built but not sure how to get the reeded part working???



zooming outer space takes time.


I did a tutorial on the legs on this Sheraton-style piece. It’s in the Advanced Techniques e-book and video from The Taunton Press.

There’s also this ancient old blog post.


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