More Pan / Orbit Range of Motion


I think the ability to pan and orbit beyond the cursor’s constriction to the screen would be helpful. When you hold the center mouse button and drag you are stopped when the cursor hits the edge of the screen. It would be nice if the cursor just disappeared on pan or orbit and you could continuously move while holding the button. It would allow you to navigate a large scene without having to continuously reselect a reference point…


That appears to be a screen width limit and not a SketchUp limit. With multiple delays, Orbit and Pan will work with the cursor outside the limits of the SketchUp window. I have a second monitor to the left of my main display and Orbit and Pan continues until I reach the left side of the second display.

The cursor doesn’t leave the limits of the display space in any applications I have.


The goal would be to allow the model to continue panning or orbiting past the point when your cursor hits the edge of the screen, this is how AutoCad works


You could try Jiminy billie bob’s Infinite PanOrbit


Ahhhhhhhhh! Thanks Box!! That’s it


It’s a good idea. Not sure it works beyond SU2014.


That’s why I said try, I don’t use it myself. Don’t need it with a 3d mouse.


I can’t imagine going back to a regular mouse. Get a space mouse and be delighted.


I was having another look at Infinite PanOrbit just last week… [I did the mac version bits]

the main difference in what it does and what I needed is:

it actually jumps the cursor to the opposite side, more like a first person shooter control…

I wanted the cursor to stay put at the window boundary and the content to slide under…

similar to if you select text on this page and drag towards the top, the text will start to scroll down as it get included…

my ‘use case’ was lots of 2D plans I wanted to easily navigate from the same view height…