More Layers created


I have imported a 3D-DWG File into Sketchup. That is fine. I had Layers like A-DOORS etc. Now I set up more Layers like A-DOORS-1 etc. But they behave strange and on my Tablet-App-Viewer the complete model is invisible!
Could the name of the Layer be a problem?


Is there an option for you to share the file? That would certainly help answeering your question.


Seems unlikely. But there are other possible problems with Layers, particularly on imported dwg files, that could be causing issues for you. As Wo3Dan has said, the only way we can tell for certain is if you can share your model file.


Thanks guys, unfortunately I can’t share the file.


Well then, can you elaborate on what you mean by “behave strange”? What particular strange things do you observe?

Probably the most common issue with Layers in SketchUp is having primitive geometry (Edges and Faces) associated with layers other than Layer0, followed closely by having nested geometry inside a Group or Component associated with layers other than Layer0. These cause confusing visibility behaviors because all the layers involved must be simultaneously visible for the entities to be drawn on the view.