More calculated Input-Text fields in LO Documents

What I really mis is:

To have a field with a editable ‘StartPageNumber’. F.e. I fill in page 10 and then the first page with a ‘PageNumber’ field has a page number of 10. The next page is using that number plus 1 ( 11 ).

To have a field ‘HighestPageNumber’. This number is the last page number of the last page that uses a pagenumber field on that page. F.e I start with ‘StartPageNumber’ = 5 and have 12 pages, but the 9th page has as last page the ‘PageNumber’ field on it, then the ‘HighestPageNumber’ will be set to 14.

To have a field with ‘NumberOfPages’ is the total of real pages. If the document has 12 pages, then this ‘NumberOfPages’ is set to 12.

I use a lot of LO sets, like N Sonder uses, and it would be very very nice to have those variables. At least we can then show ‘Page 12 of 14’

To have a field with ‘LastPageNumber’ is the sum of StartPageNumber plus total of real pages . If the document has 12 pages, but the ‘StartPageNumber’ is set to 5 then this ‘LastPageNumber’ is set to 17.

Also would be great to have an import and export for those Input-Text variables.

Even better when there will be a Page manager where you can link and order several LO files for printing and use kind of global variables whom can talk to next in order LO file to pass certain variables. Like LastPageNumber, HighestPageNumber e.t.c.

Also, I love to see goto FirstPage and a goto LastPage Icon/Shortcut.

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