Molecular Modeling Extension

This is something off the beaten path for me but I just ordered a molecular model kit for my youngest son for his organic chemistry class. Has anyone ever thought about creating an extension for molecular modeling within SketchUp?

Honestly I don’t think it would be that difficult to do.

I think CadMan had an extension for snapping together modules… cannot remember what the name of it was, though… seems it would be simple enough to use that and simple shapes to do what you are talking about…


I recall something to that effect somewhere along the line, but for the life of me can’t remember where from. I know you’re on SketchUcation, so if there is anything there you would probably know about it.

Have you ever screened through the (now old and out of date) SketchUp Sage page?

*** EDIT ***

I found what I was recalling, MoleculeImporter.

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Is this a new extension?

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No, but I interested to know if someone else has given this some thought.

Snap connector tool for assembling reusable parts. Works great for assembling them. Is in the extension warehouse.
I used it to assemble stages, truss and other kinds of parts that you assemble to make staging and presentations for conventions and meetings.

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