Modify Access does not work

hii i need som help please because i have this Modify Access and i dont know how to remove it. sketch up was deleted on my laptop. so i downloaded again and got that. i followed every step what i needed to do and it still doesnt work. i dont know what to do!

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? You put SketchUp for Schools in your forum profile. That is a web-based version for young school children and doesn’t get installed or deleted from a computer.

If you are actually using SketchUp Pro please correct your forum profile.

Show screenshots of what you are seeing when you try to open SketchUp. Do you have a current SketchUp subscription?

sorry i use sketch up pro (the school was a mistake)
and i see this

Please correct your forum profile then. That informatioin helps us help you but only if you put the right information in it.

So you need to manage your activations. Click on the Manage Activations button and follow the directions.


It works again Thank you soo much!!