Models - sketchup crashes

i have some models which were made in solid works - the models are small ( only fittings) with a nut and bolt but when i import these files these it makes sketchup hang - and when i copy and paste these files i have the same issue. the more i have on the screen starts to slow the program down and ultimately crash…can you advise as to why this might be ? im using 32 bit sketchup pro - if i use a file that was purely modelled in sketchup i dont have the same problems and more copies can be used of the fitting without it crashing

How large/complex are the imported (SolidWorks) models, when viewed in SketchUp, in terms of number of edges and faces? You can check this by opening the Model Info window (from the Window menu) and looking at the Statistics section. If the total is more than a few hundred thousand of each, your 32-bit version of SketchUp Pro may be causing the computer to run low on memory (RAM).

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