Models by Royce

It is used to make the groove side for tongue and groove…

I have a tongue blade and a groove blade. The tongue blade is to wide for the plow plane. I use another plane for it. The tongue does match the groove, though.

Spokeshave #1.skp (390.6 KB)

Traditional Spokeshave modeled from an image of a kit from Lee Valley - Veritas.


Spokeshave #2.skp (366.6 KB)
I finally figured out why there are Allen Wrench and Screws in the kit. It’s to raise the height of the blade, so the shavings can escape in the gap (escapement?). So, I modelled the allen wrench and the screws. I played around with the small arc and follow me until I got the wrench right. :upside_down_face:

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Wood Screw Threader (#3).skp (430.6 KB)

Thanks to help in another thread from @mihai.s , I finally got the spiral kerf cleaned up. The Thread Cutter Handle would be clamped to the Metal Guide Box. (The clamp is not modeled.) The handles are needed to finish cutting the last few spirals once the wood screw
reaches the end of the wood guide box.

Coat Hanger #1.skp (194.9 KB)

My wife and I like wood coat hangers, so I modeled one.


Bandsaw Follower Jig #2.skp (153.9 KB)

Bandsaw follower from Brian Boggs’ article in Fine Woodworking Magazine, Nov./Dec. 2018.
Edited with updated skp, screenshots, and scenes. I included the template, workpiece, and
cutoffs. I will post more of the templates from the article.

Bandsaw Production Template #1.skp (154.5 KB)

Another Bandsaw Template and Jig.

Transparent Template #1.skp (179.2 KB)

Transparent Template for a bandsaw. This is used when it is important to match grain lines.

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Swanhead Bowsaw Handle #1.skp (103.0 KB)

This shows the steps for making a swanhead bowsaw handle using handtools. Of course it would be much easier with a bandsaw.

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Swanhead Bowsaw #2.skp (430.2 KB)
The latest skp has the right dimensions for the blade, rail and rods.
Swanhead Bowsaw #3.skp (437.7 KB)