Models by Royce

I just got finished reviewing the two Square One tapes that @TheOnlyAaron did about FM.
and then redid it again while you were posting @mihai.s.
Cross Stretcher Table (#3).skp (279.2 KB)
I would have saved a lot of time by reviewing Square One before trying. I humble myself by being to eager to model first stubbornly.



Hidden, Mitered Dovetail Box (#1).skp (285.2 KB)

This box has wooden hinges; dividers inside; hidden, mitered dovetails; and a groove for the bottom to slide in place. There are 9 scenes in the skp with dims.

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Box with Knife Hinges (2).skp (204.0 KB)

This was all about the knife hinges. I have never modeled them before. This helps figure out
where to place the mortises. The skp has 8 scenes with dims.


Polygon Shop Model (#1).skp (403.3 KB)

This is a model in progress. Thought I’d post this before I cover up the framing.


The floor framing seems odd to me – 30° rotated from what I would think to do. Is there some specific reason for doing it that way?

There is no rhyme or reason. I’ll relook it.

Polygon Shop Model #4.skp (419.8 KB)

After move copying the whole roof component, I cut 1/16" wide seams along the rafters and roof framing components for 1/6th of the roof. I deleted those 1/16" cutting components afterwards. Then, I overlaid the cut roof components on 4’ by 8’ by 3/4" sheets of sheathing, Oriented Strand Board (OSB). I had to make enough copies of the roof components to cover the roof (25 sheets of OSB). I took the screenshot of the floor framing and remembered that I framed 1/6th of the floor with boards 16" or 24" on center (I don’t remember which) and then rotate/copied it around. That’s why the flooring looks turned. Each 1/6th is rotated 60 degrees from the one next to it.

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It took me a while to do the subfloor until I hid the visibility for the roofing and just modeled in place. Then, it went relatively faster. I put the 1/16" spacing between subfloor components and surrounding framework. I made the cutting diagram for the subfloor which will take 16
sheets of 4’ x 8’ x 3/4" OSB.

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Polygon Shop Model #6.skp (455.4 KB)
Polygon Shop Model #6.skp (455.4 KB)
Progress to date. I checked for loose geometry and to make sure everything is solid. I might work on interior insulation, flooring, interior wall siding, etc. next.


Polygon Shop Model #7.skp (502.3 KB)
I filled inbetween the framing components, insulation components, and laid a copy of them as you see in the screenshot. The visibility for the roofing components is turned off in the screenshot.

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Polygon Shop Model #8.skp (518.9 KB)

I finished the roof insulation (I put it in the tag folder “roof components”.) It is laid out in
back of the other roof components in the screenshot. The other screenshot shows the soffit and soffit nailer with the roof components and column tag visibility turned off.

Polygon Shop Model #10.skp (1.0 MB)

I finally got the inside siding done. The walls without windows have perforated boards on the upper part to hang stuff up. I did not see a texture I liked, so I push/pulled holes as @mihai.s suggested (in another thread).

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Polygon Shop Model #11.skp (1.1 MB)

I finished the exterior siding. Until I know what’s going to be inside, I’m done with it for now. I
will probably have to use a different file with a copy of floor from this file, to arrange things inside. I think this file is as big as my popcorn popper laptop can handle.

T- Track Jigs and Fixtures #1.skp (605.0 KB)
This is designed to be attached to a workbench with a bench vise. It can be used to route mortises, hinges, or hold work pieces vertically or horizonally. Other jigs can be mounted on top or below the work piece to guide or protect the T-tracks from damage while providing zero clearance to the work piece. The partial T-track illustrates a way to model the t-track that is more efficent than the way I made it. I ended up playing the “tunnel rat” for a long time to erase
unwanted move/copy lines.


T- Track Jigs and Fixtures #2.skp (637.4 KB)
I changed the clamping battens so that there is a slot to slide the knobs and screws along the T-tracks. I made the roundhead knob screws longer to enable it to clamp a table leg. I made an example of how a template would work for routing a mortise in the table leg. Note that the batten that clamps the template acts as a fence for the Router. I made clamp arms to use to clamp the table leg to the Vertical T-Track. The size of the template mortise hole would have to be adjusted depending on the diameter of the bit bushings.

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Track for Circular Saw #1.skp (225.5 KB)

Saw Guide and Track for a Circular Saw. You have to make one cut to the base with the saw in
the track to get zero clearance before making cuts to work pieces.Track for Circular Saw #2.skp (230.0 KB)

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Trim and Bowtie Splines #1.skp (63.1 KB)

Trim for a bookshelf or other furniture has added dovetail mortise and bowtie spline to secure it to furniture. That way when movers pick furniture up by the trim, the trim will not come off.

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3-4 Inch Round #1.skp (89.6 KB)

Three-quarter inch Round Handplane modeled Krenoff style.


3-4 Inch Hollow #1.skp (98.6 KB)

Every round needs a hollow for a matched pair. It was easy to modify the round to make the hollow.


Plow (Plough) Plane #1.skp (561.3 KB)

Originally, I was only going to model the fence but decided to model the whole handplane.
I saw an image on-line that is shown in one screen shot. I did not model the thumbscrew,
because I don’t need it or even know what it is intended to do. The skp also has additional scenes that show dims. I already have one that needs the fence re-made that is not Krenov style like the one in this model.