Modelling Heritage Sites

Hi, I am keen to model Jamestown, St Helena Island, initially as a contribution to the Heritage Society here, but in the long term as a data base for researchers. The architecture is not any specific, but it is unique as it represents the history of this little remote island, ie architectural students would not flock here to learn something new. The town should be a World Heritage site, but that is quite a big task in itself. I am not looking for handouts on anything like that, I am just keen to build up the 3D models to be included in Google Earth.

Does anybody know how to approach SketchUp/Trimble/Google to set up a system where buildings can be professional modelled. There is no Street View yet, and only the Anglican Church is modelled. Napoleons house has been attempted, but needs a serious upgrade. Part of the project would be to introduce SketchUp to students and pupils who would benefit by learning about their history, a bit of architecture and engineering and learning a really cool software package.

I will also contact CyArk in the meantime. Perhaps there is some synergy there.

Can anybody assist in getting such a project off the ground.


Jens Kuhn
St Helena

You know that Google no longer accepts manual models for Google Earth online ? (and has not for several years. This is why they sold SketchUp.)

Back in the days when Google still thought everyone just had to want to work for free manually modeling the world’s buildings for Google Earth (which we really did not want to do, ie the “work for free” part,) … Google would sponsor “Model Your Hometown” competitions. You can still find blogs and such on the web about them.

So Google will not be interested, most likely.

You can however view your own models in the Google Earth Desktop edition, locally. So your Heritage Society could run the desktop edition with your models in it as an interactive kiosk display, kind of thing.

Trimble ? I do not know if they are into this kind of heritage modelling GIS thing.