Modeling the Orca (that boat from Jaws) Live!

Model boat plan of Orca… or more fun just to eyeball it?


Well… now that I have plans… seems like a wait so NOT use them…

Spoiler alert!

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Looking forward to the lessons learnt.

Has anyone checked to see if Gibbs basement is large enough?

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I have been there… it is not big enough…

I scaled up the image and cleaned it up a bit.


- Set myself a 15 minute task just now - here’s where I got!


Oh cool… I just googled length of the Orca and allegedly its 42’. Looks like i’ll miss the start of the stream… dinner nearly ready!

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I got the length as 30ft - stem to stern with the outrigger at front extending 5ft.

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nice details here:

Just zooming in on titus’s image.

I think this is what it really looks like! :laughing:


you can inference yourself, I’ve learned it at Basecamp :wink:

  • start moving the part (circle in your example)
  • ctrl to make a copy
  • the copied circle will inference to the endpoint of the edge (that was missing otherwise)
  • hit ctrl again to cancel the copy
  • the inference is still available!
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nice shark from the warehause: