Modeling the Mars Helicopter

Let’s hang out and model the Mars Helicopter live in SketchUp!


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The Ingenuity helicopter is very different from that drawing. Here is a photograph of Ingenuity:

Edited to add a link to the Wikipedia page on Ingenuity.
And a link to a 3D model provided by NASA (I haven’t looked at the downloadable file itself, but the preview on the web page looks good).


Are you going to model the rotors with native tools I wonder :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! These are the images that I plan on using today. Hope to see you all soon!

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Hi Tom, hi folks.

I deleted my post since the images I found were outdated. The one you show is correct.

I hope to be present for part of this afternoon presentation.

Hi Jean!

It’s funny because I started with the same reference images that you shared before finding the ones above!

here a nice video about it:



Here is an image (your image) zoomed right in.

. . . also, couldn’t resist! (It was on my Facebook).


the dimensions

Proof Martians like potatoes

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Close up of the leg “joint”.

Screenshot 2021-02-24 195945 , , and here’s the foot!

Zoomed in rotor blade.

And the solar panels…

next week idea?

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