Modeling Practice

@Anssi might have photos of his finishing press in use.

A question for Anssi: Is the press used to hold signatures while they’re sewn together and the spine glued over them? and do the boards rest on the angled faces of the press?

This press is basically meant for holding an almost finished book for tooling the spine (titling, printing gold lines etc). The angled faces provide extra room for using tools at the corner where the spine joins the sides.

Got it. thank you.

Ci joint un fichier avec filet assez lourd 5 Mo
ne t’embête pas a faire des filets cela ne fera pas un plus pour ta jolie presse à livre.
Attached is a file with a fairly heavy net 5 Mo
do not bother to make nets it will not do much for your pretty book press.Filet.skp (5,9 Mo)

Thank you. I know that method for creating those sorts of screw threads. The threads I modeled on the wooden screws are like those made by a screw box such as the ones offered by Beall.

Out of curiosity DaveR, are you using numerous “end grain” materials along with the main “wood” material to get the desired effect in your renders?

I assume this is a straight SU render, or are you using a third party Render App?

The images I posted here are straight out of SketchUp. I do have some end grain materials for a few different species. With some species, it’s usually easy enough to fake the end grain by selective use of part of the face grain. I did that on the end of the lid for this little box, for example.

It helps that my wood grain textures are from photos of real wood and are typically between 6 and 14 feet long depending on the species. I also usually have between 3 and 8 “boards” from the same log. Lots of texture to choose from.