Modeling Olaf from Frozen 2 Live!

Join us at Noon (MDT) today as we model Olaf, the snowman from Disney’s Frozen 2!

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You can modify the corner of the added loop like this to get quads again?




Wow, I remember when he wasn’t much more than an ice cube.

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I looked on the 3D Warehouse but only found Olafs by others. Has it not been uploaded or am I possibly looking in the wrong place?

Click on Aaron’s image.

On his image of Olaf on the forum? When I do that my system locks up trying to load the 3D viewer.

Got it. When I searched the Warehouse for all things “TheOnlyAaron” it appeared.

By the way, while I have you or since I have you, somewhere along the road while I was modeling Olaf, my base geometry got lost. If you save while it is softened or quadded, do you lose the base geometry?