Modeling Google Earth existing buildings. Why?

Hi there,
I’m watching the amazing “Viewing your model in Google Earth” video and am wondering why some guys did model buildings that actually exist already.
Advices, anyone?

A serious purpose would be to create a virtual cityscape, say, that could be useful to others for designing in context.

A less serious one might be just for fun or as an exercise, and no bad thing for that.

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we once made a modeling contest between schools in my city. each school had a district to chose from and the students that were interested made as many buildings as they could. It was a fun experience and introduced many of them to sketchup and 3D modeling. Many of them are studying as architects and c.engineers now!

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it was the whole point of Google buying SU and creating it’s free versions…

they were very active in promoting this activity worldwide [at the expense of Pro users]…

when they found a cheaper way of achieving their goal of ‘the world in 3D’, they sold SU…

Pro development and support has been re-invigorated in Trimble’s stewardship…



I don’t think I’ve ever done this, except for my own work in renovation or context, but it may be something like sketching or drafting an existing building. If it is architecturally significant you learn as you draw. For nice buildings it may be similar to modeling a favorite ship or airplane. People use electronic models in a way similar to hand-built ones.

It might be that they needed the models of those buildings for something other than showing them in Google Earth. The majority of the 3D content found in Google Earth has no SketchUp equivalent so if you need it in your project, you have to model it yourself.

I think the main points here were the increased resolution and the model consistency from the airial images.

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