Modeling a Video Card Live in SketchUp!

We do a live model every week and always ask what people would like to see next. We had several people ask to see a video card modeled. So we are doing it! I try my best to give people what they want!


it is a surprising request

Why is it so surprising?

Generally the point is to learn how to use SketchUp. It’s not really all that important what the model is. The techniques could be applied to any models.


I have seen several users posting images or questions related to computers or parts of them they were modelling. It might be a similar way of having fun like modelling cars, planes or trains. I think people have also modelled computer cases or parts of them for 3D printing.

several, since the Google days:

I am convinced about electronic, but what we can see inside a graphic card is very specificities to the few graphic card manufacturers, no ?

Don’t get so hung up on it being a graphics card. Just look at it from the standpoint of using SketchUp to create a model or something. It doesn’t matter what the something is.


I’m not sure about that.

I find it more interesting to learn something when there is a strong connection with a goal.

Well maybe this week’s modeling session isn’t for you, then. You don’t have to watch.

Personally I learn something every time I watch Aaron modeling no matter what it is he is modeling because I can look at the techniques he uses and think of ways to apply them in my own work. If that’s not the way you learn, that’s fine.

What do you want to see Aaron model?


Holymoly - it would be interesting to see how to make the shell of the gtx 1080

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Double holy moly on the sheer glut of images you have for that single video card. :star_struck: I was thinking it would be too trivial a project and was already preparing for the suggestion that he model a motherboard as well. :stuck_out_tongue:Now I fear he won’t have time to do all of that in 2-3 hrs. :laughing:


I suppose there is technics to draw the shell of the gtx 1080 as the shell of this building destroyed by war and rebuilt in SketchUp in 2011

021 Bazar niv2 5_lzn

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Here some larger pics :slightly_smiling_face::crazy_face:

I have an ARM64 Mac connected to a 43 inch 4K TV. That’s the best way to watch Aaron. Note the Quest and Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh as well. Not your typical work desk setup.

If size matters! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: >>65 "

The third LayOut app icon looks a bit blended…
What version is that?

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Special version that doesn’t cost any money (other than if you do donations).