Modeling a Tractor on SketchUp live!

Our neighbour used to have one of these, some 60 years ago

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Kind of amazing to see how little there is to a tractor like that.

How about one of these?

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For a couple summers when I was a teen, I worked on a ranch during the haying season, in the Green River Valley in Wyoming. They had a couple Allis Chamlers,AllisChamlerTractor like the one pictured and 4 or 5 John Deers. The last ones out to the field had to drive the A.C’s, they were tough to steer in the ruts with two front wheels so close together. Nearly broke my thumb once, I was never last out to the field after that. LOL

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Then there’s this.6a0582501fc2f09a91818cf3d3e86f1f

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Hi Aaron,

well how about this one. A near vintage model. A 1963 Massey Ferguson 97 imported from the US recently by my nephew to add to his collection.

I couldn’t resist:

What about an American classic John Deere 830?
Wheelbase: 74.4 inches [189 cm]
Length: 134.8 inches [342.4 cm]
Width: 61.5 inches [156.2 cm]
Height (steering wheel): 56.5 inches [143.5 cm]
Height (hood): 52.7 inches [133.9 cm]
Height (exhaust): 78 inches [198.1 cm]
Front rim: 16 inches [40.6 cm]
Rear rim: 28 inches [71.1 cm]


I like this! Great images… let’s do this one!

The tractor I am very familiar with was the one I first used on my Dad’s farm back in 1982, John Deere 2010:

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Beautiful. Curious to learn how you make the rear tires

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A pic of what my father had for a tractor:


Early 50,s era.


Have a look at the video on YouTube.

The part where Aaron does the rear tyres starts at about 1hr 23m in.

Reminded me of this:
Tom and Barbara

The Good Life indeed! Much watched at the time of its first showings. Richard Briers and Felicity Kendall were two of the four stars, all very popular. Penelope Keith and Paul Eddington were the others. All went on to other great shows.

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YouTube link can include the current time. Let’s see if the forum honors that:

It obviously has an internal combustion engine, otherwise it is pure steampunk.
I am a true workaholic: I like to watch other people work. As a child I remember watching street pavers operate a similar looking machine that had additionally what I would call a large hammer that was used to hit the paving stones.

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Yep gas powered, complete with a hand crank. By the time I was seven I was able to get it running.

That is one of my vices…

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Ooooh, a riding model.

Late to the party?

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One of my favorite movies!

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