Modeling a Hat

Hat.skp (177.7 KB)
This was harder than I thought it would be. I wanted a crease, but I’ll leave is like a Hoss
Cartwright hat.



What kind? Where?

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I searched on Google and found out what ‘crease on a hat’ means. Is that what you want to achieve?


Fantastic work, Mihai - as always. Yes, a slight crease, dent and buckle set would be nice. The brim is perfect that you made. I don’t like it to curl up too much. It defeats the purpose of shielding my head and neck from the sun. I also like the Australian style bush hat, but that’s a different style and material. I liked your choice of color, too.


Crease and dent

I also left the temporary ‘errors’ in the video to learn how to solve them if necessary.


That’s a great looking hat, Mihai.

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My attempt - not so nice as yours, Mihai. I’m not so adept at selecting, etc. I get the ideas.
It goes much quicker using your methods.


It turned out well for the tools you used in the web version.


I chose one of the default colors, but thanks!

If you ever want to try to enhance the model, export the model as a DAE file

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It’s amazing what you did with Blender.

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