Modeling a Gas Station Live with Aaron!

I googled with this text “the most beautiful gas stations” and got some pretty nice pictures.

Well… after Friday, there will be one more on the list :wink:


Some old LA gas stations with interesting features to model for you I reckon with your Skills Aaron you should do the Mandarin Market one :grinning:

Service station on north Vermont Avenue

a Gilmore Gas Station selling Blu-Green Gasoline

A Texaco service kiosk stands at left as part of the Mandarin Market, a Chinese-style drive-in market located at 1234-1248 Vine Street

Sherman Oaks Service Station located at 15362 Ventura Blvd

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Here is the only gas station designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Built in Minnesota in 1958:

He also designed a house for the same owner - the house’s name (“Mäntylä”) points probably to the owner’s Finnish origins


I’ve visited that gas station. It’s kind of cool. And a unique building for sure.

@Anssi there are lots of people of Finnish descent in Cloquet and on the Iron Range.

This one gets my vote!

Is there a story to the Art Deco tower?(Looks to me like something Eliel Saarinen used to design)
Urban legends tell that a combination of a gas station and a church wouldn’t be unknown in the USA. Get married and leave with a full gas tank…

We used to have a similar sight. One of the very few remaining Douglas DC-2 passenger planes served as a roadside café until it was taken to an aviation museum and restored.

It resembles the LA city hall to me. But not faithfully.

Thanks for all the input everyone! There are some awesome looking pics in here… but I am going to have to go back to the image that started it all… @Daver posted this image a few weeks ago. it is a cool looking image and i believe it could be modeled in only two hours.

Gas Station


Sorry, I don’t know anything about these stations. Just a google image search result

Are you modelling the car as well?

Someone made a Diorama of Wally’s Service for a model railroad set, but unfortunately the page the image is on is not opening. From the thumbnail it IS impressively detailed though.


And the same buildings were re-used for Gomer Pyle. Just renamed “Goober’s Service”

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It’s the same gas station in both shows. Gomer Pyle worked at Wally’s before he left to go into the US Marines. His cousin Goober started working there and then later bought the station from Wally. Gomer Pule, USMC was a spin-off show from the Andy Griffith Show.

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Side of the garage.

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So it IS a TV set. The Acme brand ought to have told me that, and the dirt that looks too neat for real life.

Come and get it!


Very nice work, Aaron.


Used to buy gas at this place, just because it was so darned cool. Ah, the memories.

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