Modeling a complex gear

Im currently in one of my aerospace deaign classes and they have asked me to model a complex gear for a presentation and analysis.

Attached is the gear. It does not need to be 100% to standard in the visual. I can do all the math, safety factors, and analysis by hand since that is the assignment. They just need a decent 3d visual and yes it has to be modeled. Thats part of the design.

Everything is simple, except the teeth that face in. I do not know where to even begin for this. The pinion gear that mates with the gear in the photo is a worm gear. 50:1. IE, i spin the worm gear 50 times and the driven gear rotates one revolution.


If I were modeling that gear I would draw a “cutter” the shape of the groove and make a radial array around the center. Make both the cutter and the gear blank solids and use Eneroth Solid tools to cut the grooves to leave the teeth.

How do i do the array piece? thats the part i think that trips me up! DOes the cutter look like a ring and on the inside of said ring are the pertruding teeth that will cut out the teeth on the other gear?


Yes, thinking out loud. It’s “just” a groove at a slight angle with the gear’s axis. It repeats itself n times, thus use a radial array to get the completed gear. (just the beginning)



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rofl, I figured as much for the rotate/copy part. maybe im overthinking this. let me practice something and then report back. i have an idea of where to go haha


Cutter and wheel layout

After Follow Me on the wheel (and make it a component) and the cutter shape. I trimmed down the cutter to get rid of a bunch of unneeded geometry and rotated it to the Reference Lead Angle.

Radial array of the cutter shape. Make it a solid component.

After Trimming.


this is what i had in my mind, a ring of cutters. thanks as always for demoing this for me:) time for me to test it out

Ok, here is the final gear. Now onto making the housing for it. thanks for the help. Im not looking forward to all the analysis i have to do on this thing hahaha


Almost done. Just the box left.


here is the final. thanks guys. now time for all the math… sigh


The forum is great for solving this kind of stuff. At least the drawing isn’t going to take more than the analysis.

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Yup, 7 pages deep into the analysis of one single part haha.