Model won't update, warning symbol, notes move when updating

Hi. When I try to update my model some of the notes will move to new locations on the sheet. Also I cant get the model to update or relink so the changes I make in the model are not showing up in Layout. Lastly I have the warning symbol on all of my Layout viewports. Thanks for your help- Ali
DD plans 05.10.22 Belk.layout (12.4 MB)
Belk Addn Remod DD plans 04.27.22.skp (3.6 MB)

Is the moving label thing happening on every sheet or just one? Are you still using SketchUp 2021 as indicated in your profile? Still Windows? There was a bug regarding moving text that was affecting some users. I’m not sure of the status of that but @adam might know.

As for the file not updating, try relinking to the SketchUp model in Document setup>References. Make sure that Auto render is enabled in the SketchUp Model panel.

We have found the issue that is causing some text to move and a fix should come in the next release of LayOut.

The warning symbol on all of your SketchUp model viewports are indicating that the renders that you are seeing on your page are out of date, and your viewports need to be re-rendered. This is usually only the case when you have auto-render turned off.

In addition to what Dave said regarding SketchUp models not updating, also verify what overrides you may have on your SketchUp model viewports in LayOut. It may be that your camera and other settings are overridden, preventing you from seeing the changes that have been made in your SketchUp model.

Hope that helps,

Thanks Adam and Dave. Im on Pro 2022 on Windows. I enabled Auto render and updated. The warning symbol went away but all of my plans became roof plans. My sections became elevations. My elevations seem OK except hidden tags are now visible (in the layout viewport but not in the corresponding sketchup view)

Can you share the latest iteration of your LO file?

When I dug through the previous LO file the only viewports I found that had modified Camera properties were the perspective views on the last several pages. Personally I’ve found the best practice is to never let the Camera properties become modified or show the Reset button.

The elevations and plans all seemed to look fine though.

File is now 18mb- too big to upload. How else can I get it to you?

here are some screenshots from Layout

upper plan screenshot

OK- I just updated again and got most everything back to normal! Only thing that appears to be out of whack is my linework on my upper plan and am able to reset that manually