Model taking 20 minutes to load?

Hello, I recently purchased a model of a town. The file was labelled as created in 2019, however it wouldn’t open at all on my 2020 version of Sketchup, so I downgraded to 2017 Sketchup and the Town would load; however it would say “Not Responding” and then 20 minutes later would load up the Town but only partially (Houses and whatnot would be missing)

Is there a reason why the Town doesn’t load at all on the 2020 version, and only loads partially on the 2017 version? I’m concerned that it’s because I don’t have enough Ram on my tablet (Surface Pro 5 w/ 4GB Ram), however I’m thinking it may be a Sketchup problem too since it has varying success on different Sketchup versions.

Can someone give me advice on what to do? I would like to avoid purchasing another tablet if possible since this fulfills my other creative needs.

Without access to the model all we can do is guess. What is the file size? How many edges and faces, components included?

What happened? Did you get an error message? Bugsplat? Did you let it run long enough, possibly hours?

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While this is the minimum requirement for SketchUp, The recommended RAM is twice that. If you are loading entire towns into your model, you should probably plan double that again. I would imagine that you are working with a big file and your Surface is writing data all over the place in order to get this file open.

I would say that if a surface 5 suffices for your creative needs, maybe it’s because you want to use the stylus.

Maybe you want to trace over that town to produce a drawing?

If that is the case and if you have a SketchUp subscription, then send that model to the cloud Iminto Trimble Connect. It might open and you might be able to trace it over using a nice point of view.