Model stats overload...but why?


I thought i was following all the correct advice and have purged, and cleaned up as much as possible but i seem to have over 5,000,000 faces and millions of edges!

It is like wading though quick sand!

I doidnt think i was create a model that was more complicated than many?

i have lots of scenes but i dont think that multiplies instances only organises and hides things?

any thoughts guys? i feel like a do a days work in a week now!

Multiple components of a simple nature can bring a computer to its knees.
Without seeing the model we can only guess at where the problem is.

I would say that in most cases 3D vegetation is the culprit, with people and cars.

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Almost certainly you have used high-poly imports from the 3D Warehouse, and/ or used too many copies of a few.

Upload your model to a file sharing service such as DropBox, OneDrive, or WeTransfer, and post a link here for some to look at.

Other than optimizing the geometry, first go to the View menu, Edge Style, and deselect Profiles. That will make the model dramatically smoother as you zoom and orbit.

Also turn off shadows.